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How to choose roofing tiles for your home

When choosing roofing tiles for your home there are few things to consider the style of the house, color, the materials, durability, and the climate of a place you are living in, maintenance cost,your current financial status and the taste, preference. Roof Tile Guys can advice one on the choice of the roofing tiles. Reach us on 888-282-0461 for more information on the different tile roofing that we offer.



The installation of these roofing tiles are offered at Roof Tile Guys. there experts and professionals who can help you to install your roof, roofing tiles requires a reinforced framing and sheathing system to support their added weight they need to be carried with a lot of care to prevent breakage during installation. Instillation is done by a contractor experienced with the materials. Reach us on 888-282-0461 for more information on installation of the roofing tiles.



The material used in making the roofing tiles are durable and long lasting at Roof Tile Guys we ensure that the roofing materials have under gone proper production stages to make sure they last for long and gives you a long service after you buy your roofing tiles. Reach us on 888-282-0461 for inquiry

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Most homeowners desire roofing tiles that are not too expensive and which are affordable and easy to maintain hence being an advantage to the Roof Tile Guys we sell roofing tiles which are affordable to everyone and pocket friendly the material used in making the roofing tiles are easily available.

Types of roofing tiles

There are two major types of roofing tiles the concrete and the clay roofing tiles, which are made of different materials and models. Roof Tile Guys offers all these type of roofing tiles

? Clay roof tiles are very popular owing to their inherent properties like being durable and lightweight and cheap compared to the concrete tiles.

Material ; made by baking plates of molded clay this help to keep the interiors cool in sunny sessions and warm in cold sessions in Roof Tile Guys clay tiles are sold in various sizes and shades, making them suitable for all structural requirements they survive for decades without fading. They are fireproof and require little maintenance.

? Concrete tiles are also durable and can be recycled to be used as aggregate or an inert bulk fills.

Materials; made of sand, cement, pigments, paints, recycled aggregates and binders. The surfaces closely resembles the finish of natural slate hence it model is suitable in all weather conditions, durable heavyweight and fireproof.they are easy to maintain and to install compared to clay tiles.

These roofing tiles have a lot benefits compared to the ordinary roofs, they are durable and long lasting have a long life span of about 60 years, at Roof Tile Guys we have a randomized texture, on the surface tiles ensures an attractive variegate appearance depth and tone, providing a finish which resembles natural slate easy to install they are attractive and catchy to the eyes giving your home a beautiful and appealing look from a distance. They are suitable in all weather conditions rainy, winter, windy and summer. Contact Roof Tile Guys for more information.

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